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Web Analysis


Below you will find some important factors, which will consider to ensure that your website will be found by search engines. Take a look and see how your site stacks up by analyzing your website.

Title Tags

Title tags are important key factors to on-page search engine optimization. Title tags represent your website on the search engine to make sure what exact your website related to. So Title tags should be onrignal represting unique value and purpose of website. Other thing that your title tags should be limited. You can select most appropriate title tags accourding your website theme.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Description is a brief description of your website that Google often displays in search results, which can affect click-through rates. This is a short paragraph that give a opportunity to webmasters to advertise content in search engine for customers to decide whether the content is relevant contain the information they are searching for. Meta description do not have direct impact on your website ranking in search engine. Each page of your website should have a unique meta description. They play an important role in dividing a second decision a customer makes whether or not to clicks on your website listing in search engine results.

Internal links

An internal links is a type of links that allow visitor to go one page to another page of same website. They allow visitors to navigate website. Internal links are important that help Google find, Index and analyse all pages of your site.

Check Whether Your site is mobile responsive or not

As most of users are using android mobile phones alongwith computers to surfing websites. So this things is very important that your website is mobile responsive. If your site is not mobile responsive then it will create big problem in search results of your website.

Check for website errors

Submit your website to webmaster tool to use the Google Search Console to identify and to fix errors in website pages. Broken links and error in pages can cause Google to penalize your website. This can be frustrating for users.

Alt text uses:

Adding alternative text to photos is a description of photo. Alt text is first and foremost a principle of web accessibility. Alt tags help search engine crawlers to index image properly with better image context/description.